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Cartier Watches Attracting Attention in 2015 SIHH

8Floating tourbiloon

There is a floating tourbillon at 12 o’clock on the Rotonde de Cartier. Its exquisite design highlights Cartier’s style. Technically speaking, this tourbillon is fitted with light titanium frame which could effectively offset the gravity so as to make sure the precision. Aesthetically speaking, the disappearing protection bridge make the tourbillon runs more powerfully, and makes the Floating miracle in 9406 MC movement.

Perpetual Calendar: Adjust over a span of 100 years

This perpetual calendar can not only display month, date, and it can also precisely display the days of February. Rotonde de Cartier can offset the difference adjusting day of 4 years to 100 years and it becomes more precise. This is the most complication watch among other Cattier watches.

In 2012, Cartier conducted a series of program about its ID concept watch, aiming at exploring the excellent materials that in the future will be applied in the watches. Finally, Cartier decided to used carbon crystal to build Astrotourbillon. The latest Rotonde de replica cartier watches also achieve two major feat: simplifying its movement and saving more space for Astrotourbillon.

Here is more a question on the Minute Repeater of replica watches which is out of tune or not? Carole Forestier-Kasapi, from the Cartier developing center think that a period of rhythm consists of different waves at different frequency, and they purpose is try to make the perfect sound is redisplayed as authentically as possible, but this turns out to be a hard mission. In order to keep the minute repeater harmonious, some brands, like Breguet and Cartier, will record the soundtrack of the minute repeater. Breguet would carefully preserves its soundtrack and thus they could effectively figure out the sound grade and its quality, and do the adjusting according to the soundtrack. Anyway, the cartier replica watches is so fantastic in 2015 SIHH for its Floating tourbiloon and Floating tourbiloon.